Here is just a taster, a selection of home made nibbles and platters perfect for any occasion xx And if you dont see what youre looking for... then please let us know as we love ideas just as much as we love our food!!! ... well almost  x

Our Famous 2.5ft long cheese board served with fruits/chutneys/pickles fresh loaves of bread and crackers.

2ft platter of quality carved meats

Boiled gammon and new potatoes

Selection of quiches

Lamb, pork and beef sausages

Beetroot and feta salad

Colourful tomato salad

Rustic creamy coleslaw

Potato salad

Hot new potatoes

Smoked Salmon platter

Greek salad

Seafood platter

'wholesome' sausage rolls and scotch eggs served with various pickles. 



We can offer a 'party' style buffet, which includes the likes of sausage rolls, scotch eggs, cheese straws. Call for more details. 




















Lets Celebrate!


Delicious homemade picture perfect cupcakes.

Many yummy flavours


rocky road



new yorker



chocolate orange



peanut butter and jello

and many more.


All cupcakes are dressed to impress; many cake toppers to suit any theme;

pretty/funky/sweet delights/candles and even sparklers (handle with care) 

Fab colours to suit any theme.


Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Valentines, Easter and Christmas there is always an excuse to celebrate with cupcakes!



Extras; fruit cakes, pumpkin carving, easter trees and treats; give us a call, we're happy to help x

Lets Eat Cake!


Chocolate fudge cake

Apple and caramel pie

Strawberries and cream

Fresh fruit cocktail

Victoria sponge cake with fresh strawberries

Scones served with fresh cream and farmhouse jam

Seasonal crumbles

Profitoroles and chocolate sauce

Delux toffee crumble tart

Sweet sponge canapes

Plum tart 

Carrot cake


Selection of deep filled cheesecakes

Meringue nests


Normandy Tart

Luxury chocolates

Fantastic Cheeseboard

After dinner mints

Trolleydollies tempting truffles